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After much success 1More are ready to release their newest flagship earbuds the 1More Evo True Wireless earbud

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1MORE launches new flagship EVO True Wireless earbuds

1More Evo True Wireless earbuds

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1More is known for making a wide range of premium and stylish headphones and earbuds.

Their selection features products that have been specially designed to accommodate different scenarios from gaming, fitness and music listening.

All of their headphones are said to have been tuned by award-winning sound engineer Luca Bignardi which should ensure quality.

After the positive reception of their PistonBuds Pro earbuds, 1More is releasing their newest flagship earbud the 1More Evo which looks to compete with the market leaders.

The Evo earbuds look slick with their sleek compact bodies that fit securely in your ear. They come in black with a glossy back panel that features 1More’s logo.

The earbuds feel sturdy and durable, my only issue is that the glossy back will be susceptible to fingerprints since it’s the base for the touch controls.

1More Evo True Wireless earbuds are their latest flagship earbuds



The ear tips feel really comfortable without being too invasive, over long periods of usage. They come with five extra sizes which is amazing as most companies only offer an additional two.

The earbuds come with a compact round case that is really convenient and perfect for carrying around. They are made from anodised aluminium which means they should be scratch resistant and durable.

The case also features a great LED light system which will show you how much battery is left. They come with an IPX4 rating which means they are resistant to rain or sweat but just don’t go swimming with them.

The Evo earbuds don’t feature any buttons on the device, everything is done using touch controls.

The pairing button is located with the charging case which, I think it’s a bit of an odd choice not to have an additional method to pair on the earbuds themselves.

Out of the box the touch controls appear to be geared towards making calls rather than for music. But luckily the app allows you to customise these settings to how you see fit.

They offer a great listening experience that matches high end products already available



I do think not including a button and having a glossy base is a massive oversight, as the earbuds will be more likely to get scuffs.

But saying that the touch controls are very responsive and it’s great to be able to tailor them to your needs but the options still feel somewhat restrictive compared to what is available on the market.

They feature 10mm DLC dynamic drivers with the initial audio quality sounding great for the price range.

Audio playback was generally clear sound with no distortion, even when the volume was cranked to the max. You could really hear the drives during bass-heavy songs which felt like having a mini Hi-Fi in your ear.

The 1More music app features a SoundID setting that uses sound samples to create a listening profile suitable for the user.

I did find that the before and after experience was very different with the highs and bass sounding much better than before.

They are great for all kind of use while looking stylish at the same time



The Evo earbuds come with six microphones which are backed up by what 1More say is an intelligent deep neural network algorithm. Calls sounded crystal clear with next to no distortion at all.

They also have an ANC mode which can be turned on and off via the app or touch controls.

The earbuds have access to various levels of ANC, which worked splendidly even at the mid settings, which is fantastic and what we should be expecting at this price range.

1More has also added a transparency mode to the earbuds which does the opposite of ANC and increases the external noise.

Each of these modes is very easy to switch between on the fly. An extra feature is that the earbuds will automatically pause music when taken out of your ear, this is a great feature as it will save your battery life when not in use.

I was pretty happy with how accessible the 1More music app was, as it really grants the user full authority over the earbuds and gets the most efficient performance out of them.

I had no problems connecting them straight out the box with my phone via its Bluetooth 5.2 connection.

The battery life is pretty good for the price compared to most earbuds on the market, with 8 hours from just hours from a single charge which actually felt more like 5-6 hours when tested with constant ANC.

A fully charged case will provide an additional 28 hours of battery life which is great for long days out.

Verdict 4/5

1More’s Evo is a great flagship product and their best earbuds to date. They have an abundance of excellent features that make them a competitive choice for the price range.

However, I feel the touch controls can feel a bit restricted at times, even with the extra options within the app, but this isn’t a massive deal breaker; the audio quality is great with the ANC working a charm.

The 1More Evo True Wireless earbuds can be purchase from Amazon for £159.99

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