27 Best Gifts for Coworkers That Will Show Your Appreciation in 2022

Finding the best gifts for coworkers—ones that are reasonably priced, yet still more thoughtful than a giant stack of sticky notes and a Starbucks gift card—can be as headache-inducing as a messy Excel spreadsheet. But in our eyes, there are a couple easy ways to go about it. The best coworker gifts should speak to their services as a tidy desk companion, occasional confidante, sterling mentor, and perhaps even a colleague that has transitioned to a real bona fide friend outside of work. Ideally, these gifts will also improve their lives beyond the tiny cubicle that dominates their daylight hours (or beyond the subsection of their apartment that’s now their glorified office, if your team is still mostly remote).

Here, we’ve compiled several gift ideas that will extend your favorite coworkers a little token of thanks, like a massager for physical relief after a long day hunched over a screen, succulents to add some living things to their lonely home office, and even a couple gift sets for the colleagues that are a little harder to pin down. Whatever their tastes, whatever your budget, these are some of the very best gifts for coworkers in 2022. 

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