5 tips for a healthy Easter

The next few weeks of the Easter holidays are going to be overloaded with Easter eggs, bunnies, hot cross buns, rich comfort food and many more candy treats.

If you looking to minimise the sugar rush there are easy steps to follow.

The balanced lifestyle has been drummed into society for the years, not having your favourite confectionary bakes isn’t sustainable and if you know that your sweet tooth can go wild come special occasions, Dr Kirsten Gerrand, a registered dietitian has shared tips to help navigate the Easter holidays in a healthy way.

5 tips for a healthy Easter holiday

  1. Avoid ‘cheat days’ and extreme thinking

Having cheat days often allows people to go off the wagon and overindulge in foods they have restricted themselves to for days to months.

“A diet should be something you follow consistently over time – not a way of eating that cuts out all pleasure for short periods, “ she says.

Gerrand advises people to allow a few treats in here and there to have a sustainable diet, keeping the portions moderate. Healthier alternatives include dark chocolate.

  1. Be on the lookout for the calorie contents

Most people don’t like doing it but do calorie counting can make you accountable and inform you on the types of foods you should pick over the other.

Look at the label and pick the option that is lighter in energy, sugar and fat, it will make a world of a difference.

  1. Mindful eating

Avoid eating your food in one go or when you are very hungry. Attempt to concentrate on the flavours and savour every bite.

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For the sweet treats enjoy them with loved ones, Gerrand says you may feel less guilty afterwards.

  1. Don’t go shopping on an empty stomach

The temptation in malls or shops is endless and can lead to bad food choices. Make it an intention to drink enough water throughout the day, “as the thirst message can sometimes get confused by your brain and perceived as hunger,” Gerrand adds.

And don’t indulge in desserts on an empty stomach.

As you shop online for clothing, make it a habit to do so for your groceries as well, this could lead to smarter choices.

  1. Get physical

Gerrand shares that exercise gives you the same physiological rush of dopamine you get from eating a piece of chocolate – but it’s far healthier for you. Another benefit is that in the first 15-30 minutes immediately following a workout, you can absorb some sugar without the need for insulin, which negates the potential for weight gain.

Gerrand concludes that people should do at least 30 minutes of moderate level intensity workout

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