A Handheld History is the ultimate guide for portable gamers and retro nostalgic gamers: James Ide

The new book details the rise of handheld games and consoles that defined many of our childhoods

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Retro Dodo announces the new book A Handheld History

Handheld consoles hold a very dear place in my heart, as a child we couldn’t afford the latest game consoles and we didn’t always have a TV, so a handheld console opened up a whole world of games for me.

These complicated, self-contained gaming systems, while limited by their smaller screens and portable technology, have often been forced to be more creative and experimental, which has ended up creating incredible games and experiences like no other.

My first love was that of Nintendo Game Boy pocket, the system had painfully primitive technology even for the ’90s, but it captured my imagination and pocket money between the occasional new title and the purchase of dozens of AA batteries. Even today I am amazed by the ingenuity of the creators and developers who managed to create games that bypassed the limits of the hardware.

The book is an exploratory journey through the systems and games that defined the legacy of portable systems.


Stephen Maurice Graham)

My love for these systems has continued to this day, with my most recent purchase being a PS Vita and eagerly awaiting a Steam Deck, but there are still many others calling me.

Portable game consoles of today have evolved so much and become so powerful, with systems like The Nintendo SwitchSteam Deck or even the last one mobile phones they can offer a gaming experience nearly indistinguishable from their console counterparts and are more than capable of running even the successful console games of yesteryear, creating a blend of nostalgia, brilliant design and portability.

Lost in the cult in partnership with retro dodo announced their latest project A Handheld History, a crowdfunded game book that tells and discusses the in-depth story of these small but powerful devices and their journey to the powerhouse they have become today.

“Handheld play is a core tenet of the industry, which has spawned communities trading Miis on the subway and Pokemon on the playground. Friendships have been made in this pocket of the medium, and it should be celebrated aloud, with pride, and across hundreds. of beautifully assembled art pages and essays. In the words of Jason Bradbury, Janet Garcia, Jeff Grubb, Mike Diver, Larry Bundy Jr., Ashens and many more amazing voices, this is an unmissable ode to the gaming device you hold close to your heart, right in your jacket pocket. ”

The design is representative of the final product but is not a fixed design


Retro Dodo / Lost In Cult)

retro dodo describes the next book as:

“Less than a historical account and more of a touching and introspective adventure through decades of gaming memories, this book will connect you to that long drive full of Tetrimino, Mewtwo and discarded AA batteries.”

Lost in the cult is an independent publisher that produces premium desktop books on games and was founded by director Jon Doyle in 2021 to publish [lock-on].

[lock-on] is a premium play journal that provides stories, features carefully curated art, and offers a detailed look at the game and its community.

After seeing Brandon Saltalamacchia, the founder of Retro Dodo ‘S video of the announcement In discussing the idea of ​​creating an unofficial book focusing on handheld systems, I can see that he is indeed a man after my own heart.

“I’ll never forget the vivid memories I have of opening Pokémon Yellow my 8th th Birthdays or times when I had sleepovers with my friends just to be able to swap Pokémon and play multiplayer games via the connecting cable inside strong handmade cushions ”

retro dodo was founded in 2019 by Brandon Saltalamacchia and is an online magazine and YouTube channel dedicated to showcasing the world’s best retro games and modern portable products.

A Handheld History tells the story of these handheld heroes from their humble beginnings and the inspiration of Gunpei Yokoi for Game & Watch to contemporary high definition AAA games on the go.

The book will also cover some modern systems such as the less successful Sony PSP


Retro Dodo / Lost In Cult)

The book was funded in 24 hours and has currently raised an impressive £ 34,500.

This 252-page book (hardcover version) will ship in August and those who ordered the Deluxe Hardcover Edition will also receive an individually numbered limited edition issue that will never be reprinted.

There are two versions of the book currently available for pre-order, the Standard Edition costs £ 34.99 and the Deluxe Edition will be £ 49.99.

But why should you take the Deluxe Edition and pay the extra

The deluxe edition includes a hardcover book that you also received a digital edition of the book via the members club, a cover poster (landscape) printed in lithograph with a unique numbered Obi Strip by Stephen Graham (which can be purchased separately ) 5 BB Retro A5 Photo Prints (also sold separately) Foiled Bookmark Name in Book Digital Wallpapers (via Member Clubs)

The wonderful cover is by the illustrator Stefano Maurizio Graham it will also feature artwork by BB Retro, Yasmeen Abedifard, Sam McKenzie, Nuri Durr and Raul Figtree.

A Handheld History funding closes on Saturday, May 9, 2022, and pre-orders will ship in August 2022.

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