A love like no other

THE first episode of KBS2’s historical drama Bloody Heart, a follow-up to Crazy Love, aired on May 2. The newest fictitious historical drama is about a bloody political romance between Lee Tae (Lee Joon), a king who has to abandon the girl he loves in order to survive, and Yoo Jung (Kang Han Na), a girl who has to transform into the queen in order to survive.

Regardless of their previous history of being lovers and splitting up, Lee Tae and Yoo Jung continue to adore one another. Their entire past is recounted in the first episode, from why the two lovers had to undergo such a painful separation to how they came to lead lives in very different worlds.

Park Gye Won, the principal vice-premier and the genuine head of energy in Joseon, is played by Jang Hyuk. He is known as the “Kingmaker” and is recognised for his natural charm without even raising his voice.

Park Gye Won is determined not to see his beloved Joseon undermined by another dictator. He also keeps an eye on anybody and everything related to the monarch, which inevitably leads to clashes with Lee Tae. On top of that, Park Gye Won was the queen dowager’s first lover. As a result, queen dowager Choi Ga Yeon (Park Ji Yeon) aids Park Gye Won’s political objective by directing her good political energies in the right direction.

Kang Han Na delivered a strong performance in the first two episodes, adding charm to her role and boasting lovely visuals while clothed in a beautiful traditional attire. Jang Hyuk and Heo Sung Tae, both major actors, also wowed me with their performances and I believe will continue to do so since they never fail to amaze audiences with their acting, bringing justice to every single role that are given to them.

Yoo Young Eun, who co-directed the drama series Queen of Mystery, directs Bloody Heart. While the script was written by Park Pil Joo, who was previously participated in the K-drama Marry Me Now, this is his newest work. Ha Do Gwon, Kang Shin Il, Jo Seung Yeon, Cha Soon Bae, Ryu Seung Soo, Lee Tae Ri, and Choi Ri were among the other artistes involved.

Despite the series’ consistent ratings in the first two episode, viewers can’t help but compare it to MBC’s The Red Sleeve Cuff. Because both share the same historical-romance theme and the primary male stars are idol-actors, the series has been accused of copying off Lee Junho’s drama. Personally, I don’t find any similarities because they have a completely separate narrative and both idols are unique in their own way.

Furthermore, it is implausible that Bloody Heart copied the MBC drama because the KBS drama’s production and casting were finalised even before MBC’s The Red Sleeve Cuff aired last year.

Bloody Heart will most likely feature a cast of people with their own stories to tell. As the storylines converge, the tale will represent a range of emotions, engaging with the audience along the way.

This will be especially true for Lee Tae’s and Yoo Jung’s stories, as they negotiate a series of challenges and trials in order to depict the royal romance of the century. Will the protagonists be able to keep their mounting desires and passions under check? We’ll have to wait and watch. If you are looking for a good historical Korean drama, you can consider adding this to your list.

Bloody Heart airs every Monday and Tuesday on Disney+.

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