A romance that tastes like cheap wine

Despite suffering from the same pitfalls as other rom-coms, A Perfect Pairing has its charms

THE film A Perfect Pairing is a rom-com about a wine-food critic who suffers from temporary amnesia and falls in love with the owner of a vineyard she despises. This straightforward story about a confident lady who finds love and purpose in Australia provides great entertainment, while appealing to our most wholesome emotions.

Lola, played by Victoria Justice, is working hard at her former job to progress to the post of Regional Sales Manager. Her supervisor acknowledges that she is excellent at what she does. However, things change suddenly when a co-worker steals one of her clients, and moves in on the boss. Lola, disappointed and enraged, decides to quit her job, create her own business, and go to Australia to win over this previously mentioned client.

Things do not go as she had hoped. Soon after, she finds herself working as a sheep rearer on the station, under the supervision of Max, played by Adam Demos. She will soon realise that this man is more than what she expected.

A Perfect Pairing is a sweet, enjoyable, and feel-good narrative, as one would expect from a rom-com. The film has an overall light-hearted tone that makes it delightful, and this is evident not just in the romance scenes between the main cast members.

A Perfect Pairing, although having a fairly light overall atmosphere, contains a pretty predictable and conventional storyline.The film does not provide any anything fresh, and it may easily be buried in the flood of romantic comedy flicks. I also realised that the two have little to no chemistry. Some of their conversations felt forced and unnatural, making it difficult to take their growing connection seriously.

The film seemed to be more focused on Justice’s performance, which she wonderfully delivers. Unfortunately, it turned the movie into a Justice-centric one. Her eccentricities, charisma, and even some injected comedic moments completely steal the show.

This, however, takes the focus away from her love interest, played by Demos.

Overall, A Perfect Pairing could use some refinement in the romance area, but the sensation of warmth wrapped in pleasure and joy stays as a namesake. If I were to sum up my A Perfect Pairing review, I would recommend watching it – unless you have a better choice.

A Perfect Pairing is currently streaming on Netflix.

Director: Stuart McDonald

Cast: Victoria Justice, Adam Demos, Samantha Cain, Craig Horner and Lacy Durack




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