A woman’s body was found after the car was swept away in the Queensland floods

The deluge of rain that lashed Queensland became deadly after a woman’s body was found in a car submerged by floodwaters.

A woman’s body was found in a car that was washed away by floodwaters just north of MacKay after wild weather and torrential rain pounded the coastal regions of Queensland.

The flood triggered road closures after draining 200mm in just six hours, and experts fear there will be more rain on the way.

Emergency services were called to Mount Ossa, north of Mackay, overnight after a vehicle was swept away near Seaforth Road and Surprise Creek Road.

Two people managed to break free from the vehicle and were taken to the hospital, but their car was dragged further into the floodwaters with a woman inside, resulting in a massive rescue mission.

Rescue teams found the vehicle several hours later near Seaforth. Inside was the woman’s body.

The circumstances surrounding the fatal accident remain unclear.

There are several weather warnings in place across Queensland, including a sea wind warning along the coast.

Nearly a dozen flood warnings are also in place, including flood monitoring for western and central Queensland and Queensland’s central and northern tropical coast.

Earlier this week, forecasters warned that the rain bomb could become deadly.

Sky News meteorologist Rob Sharpe said the predicted torrential rain could be “life threatening”.

“Some of the worst floods will occur in inland parts of Queensland, but even closer to the coast we could see torrential rains sometimes with flash floods that are life-threatening with this event,” he said.

“For Queensland as a whole, I think it will probably be one of the best Mays ever recorded, probably in the top three.”

On Wednesday he said he feared for Rockhampton because it was subject to major flooding.

“We expect moderate and widespread river flooding and I think it will include Rockhampton,” he said.

“It’s just a small chance at this stage of reaching large levels of flooding – it’s not as big an event as the one we had in 2017, but it can’t be ruled out with this type of weather system.”

Between 50 and 90 mm of rain could be dumped on Cairns, with forecasts of up to 200 mm to wet Townsville.

Thunderstorms are forecast for some inland areas.

Police will reach out to the media later Wednesday with more information.

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Originally published as A woman’s body was found after the car was swept away in the Queensland floods