Abortion advocates in Baltimore protest the Supreme Court’s leaked egg opinion – Mother Jones

Emily Hofstaedter / Mother Jones

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Late Tuesday afternoon, a quiet but determined crowd began gathering outside the Baltimore federal courthouse in a demonstration of support for abortion rights. Like many others around the countrythe demonstrators had organized themselves after a draft opinion, published in politic last night it showed that the Supreme Court is on the verge of overturning roe deer v. Veal. They had signs saying: “Abortion is health care”, “Shut our bodies” and “We will not go back”.

“This fundamental right that has existed for decades is on the verge of being annulled,” Senator Shelly Hettleman of the state of Maryland told the crowd as she grew up. “What we’ve also learned is that elections have consequences… It matters who sets those laws in each state. It matters who is in Congress. Tomorrow, if the US Senate decides to uphold our right of choice, it could do so. ”Other speakers have described the latest developments as“ shocking ”and“ heartbreaking ”.

“It is devastating to potentially lose roe deerbut this is something we have seen and prepared for for a long time, “said Lynn McCann, co-director of the Baltimore Abortion Fund.” So while it hurts, we’re also here to acknowledge it. roe deer it was never enough for thousands of people. ” Maryland has already taken steps to anticipate a post-roe deer world: Last month, the state legislature voted to allow more health professionals to perform abortions and to ensure that abortion assistance will be permanently covered by the state’s Medicaid program. McCann said that if roe deer have been overturned, Maryland could be a hub for people seeking abortions from neighboring states like Pennsylvania and West Virginia, where Republicans are working to limit the procedure.

One protester, Brian Appel, brought his two daughters, eight-year-old Sophia and four-year-old Beatrix. The girls held placards in front of their sunscreen smeared faces saying, “Abortion is normal.” Appel said he is concerned about what the future of his daughters will be like. “They might choose to have an abortion one day, and we don’t want that to be confused with any political debate,” he said. “My wife and I are expecting a baby, and we were really proud when my eldest daughter said, ‘I just want to make sure it’s your choice to have him.’”