Ad Safety Report: Google has removed more than 3.4 billion ads, says the company’s annual ad safety report

Google removed above 3.4 billion adsrestricted more than 5.7 billion ads and suspended more than 5.6 million advertiser accounts in 2021 according to the company’s annual announcements safety report which was released on Wednesday. He also added that it has also blocked or restricted ad serving on 1.7 billion publisher pages and has taken broader site-wide enforcement action on some 63,000 publisher sites.

He said that although the report only covers 2021, the search giant has taken action to ban ads from profiting or exploiting the situation in Ukraine. “This is in addition to our longstanding policies that prohibit content that incites violence or denies the occurrence of tragic events to be served as ads or monetized using our services,” Scott SpencerVP of Product Management, Ads Privacy and Safety stated in a blog post.

He said the company has taken several other steps to suspend most of its business activities in Russia on all products, including the suspension of ads from running in Russia and ads from Russian-based advertisers and the suspension of monetization of Russian state-funded media through its platforms.

“So far, we have blocked over eight million war-related ads in Ukraine under our sensitive events policy and separately removed ads from more than 60 state-funded media sites across our platforms,” ​​Spencer said.

He said the company has seen bad actors act with greater sophistication and on a larger scale, using a variety of tactics to evade detection. This included creating thousands of accounts simultaneously and using techniques such as cloaking and text manipulation to show reviewers and systems advertising content other than what they would show to a user, making it more difficult to detect and apply. such contents.

“We are continuing to take a multi-pronged approach to combat this behavior, such as verifying advertisers’ identities and identifying coordinated activity between accounts using signals in our network. We are actively verifying advertisers in over 180 countries. And if an advertiser fails to get it to complete our verification program when prompted, the account is automatically suspended, ”Spencer said.

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Between 2020 and 2021, Google said it tripled the number of account-level suspensions for advertisers. Abuse of the ad network, adult content, and brands were the top three most enforced policies in 2021, according to the report.

Since the start of the pandemic, Google has said it has blocked more than 106 million COVID-19-related ads and supported NGOs and local governments with $ 250 million in advertising grants to help connect people to accurate vaccine information.

“This year, we will continue to address areas of abuse on our platforms and networks to protect users and help credible advertisers and publishers. Providing greater transparency and control over the ads people see is an important part of that goal.” he has declared.

Spencer added that the new “About this ad” feature was rolled out globally to help people understand why an ad was shown and which advertiser served it. They can also report an ad if they believe it violates a policy or block an ad they are not interested in.

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