AFL 2022: Collingwood investigates the pornographic image, says Heritier Lumumba

Shocking allegations about a pornographic image involving “five or more men” shown to AFL star players spurred action.

Collingwood will reportedly investigate the specific allegation of a pornographic image being shown to a group of gamers.

The accusation of an assistant coach using an image showing five or more men ejaculating on a woman’s face Making a point at a team meeting is one of several explosive claims made by former Collingwood star Heritier Lumumba in a leaked dossier.

As previously reported by The herald of the sunthe document includes several new allegations against leading figures in the Magpies.

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The 2014 incident is now the focus of a new investigation led by Magpie chief executive Mark Anderson.

Veteran football reporter Caroline Wilson said the club will investigate the incident separately from any other allegations that have been made by Lumumba.

Lumumba has repeatedly spoken of an alleged racist culture says it existed in Collingwood during his time with the AFL giant. He says there was a culture of “racist jokes” and claims he was called a “chimpanzee” by teammates.

He originally planned to submit his file to Collingwood as part of the post-reconciliation process Thurs better report on racism, which eventually led to Eddie McGuire’s resignation as president of the Magpies.

But this did not happen after Lumumba, Leon Davis and Andrew Krakouer formally completely severed the ties with the club last month for handling the racism allegations.

Lumumba in October 2020 filed a lawsuit against the football team and the AFL over allegations that the organizations failed in their due diligence. His Supreme Court filing has expired and is now considered inactive.

The latest allegations contained in the leaked document have now prompted Collingwood to take action.

Speaking to Channel 9’s Footy Classified, Wilson said no one at the club has yet denied Lumumba’s claim about the 2014 incident involving the use of a pornographic image.

“I can’t find anyone in Collingwood today, who was there at the time, telling me this didn’t happen. Nobody is confirming that it happened, but everybody I spoke to just said they don’t remember, ”Wilson said.

“Just horrible to think that this has been happening for the last decade, absolutely horrible to me.

“Mark Anderson confirmed to me tonight that he is investigating that specific claim. Although no one is involved in the club anymore, they believe they have to go through with it.

“There is fear and suspicion that it may be true. Who would invent that stuff? How much would the club that invented Lumumba hate? He doesn’t seem invented to me. “

The AFL has yet to publicly respond to Lumumba’s latest claims.

Lumumba said in the document: “An assistant coach showed a pornographic image during a team meeting to emphasize a point he was making.

“One of the rules of the team was ‘come forward’, so it showed a picture of a group of about five or more men ejaculating on a woman’s face with the words ‘come forward’ as a caption.

“Nathan Buckley was the head coach and he seemed unfazed.”

Lumumba also said former CEO Gary Pert made sexually inappropriate comments in front of players’ wives and partners on a night out in 2011.

The document also revealed the extent of his ongoing dispute with former Collingwood manager Nathan Buckley.

The 2010 Premiership player said in his senior year at the Magpies: “Buckley has become more and more paranoid of me.

“In team matches I would constantly catch him staring at me and even when he spoke in front of the group he would constantly look down on me.

“It became too much for me, so I went through it in private. He stated that she felt that I was judging him for his intelligence and that I was asking too much of the club.

“When it came to the club culture, he became hyper defensive to be held to the standards and values ​​he was supposed to lead.”

Buckley responded to Lumumba’s claims on the radio on Monday morning.

“I won’t be attracted to the details and I won’t say Heritier is right here, wrong here because that’s his perspective of the truth,” Buckley told SEN.

“But there are other versions of the truth that are very far from the way he perceives it.

“Mine is very different from what it presents, but the context becomes important and the whole idea of ​​the process is to have an open, respectful dialogue so that we can actually move forward in a positive way.

“It seems Heritier doesn’t really want to move on unless, I don’t know, heads have to roll. I don’t know exactly what he’s looking for or what his needs are for him to feel like he’s been listened to.

“He apologized – I apologized – to him; the club apologized to him … for the environment he was in – and not just for Heritier – but for the other indigenous players who have passed.

“I haven’t been perfect as a leader. I haven’t been perfect as a person.

“I thought about it consciously: I put my head on the pillow last night and slept well because I know that I have owned my imperfections and I have owned the things I am responsible for.

“My conscience is clear in that sense – it doesn’t mean I was perfect, it doesn’t mean I couldn’t have done better – but I’m open-minded to keep learning and I think the club is too.”

Buckley was asked specifically about Lumumba’s allegations of using a pornographic image at a team meeting.

“What I would say here (is) will not go into the details of what’s inside (the dossier),” Buckley said.

“There are a lot of things that are not right in there. One thing I do know is that if you start denying one and then talking about another, you create a highlight of a problem that I believe across the board that is not the truth that I know to be true.

Originally published as Report: Collingwood will initiate an investigation into the porn bomb