Agitated Trump is trying to fight a $ 10,000-a-day fine for failing to deliver documents

New York Attorney General Letitia James has asked Trump for a $ 10,000 a day fine for failing to deliver documents, but Trump is trying to avoid the fine.

Trump’s lawyers filed their motion in court arguing that Trump shouldn’t be fined:

“MPC’s main complaint [Trump’s] the response to the quote appears to be the lack of documents that were independently produced “by Trump”.

“Although this finding may be due to the dissatisfaction of the MPC, the fact is that diligent research was performed and found that [Trump] is not in possession of any of the required documents “.

“Furthermore, as expressly indicated in the instructions of the Citation, [Trump] he was not obligated to produce documents in the possession, custody or control of the Trump Organization. “

Donald Trump trying to argue that he is different from the Trump Organization is ridiculous. There are decades of stories about how Trump is an extreme micromanager and is involved in everything that goes on with his business. The argument is dubious and can easily be refuted with a mountain of evidence.

Trump also has a history dating back to his entire document shredding career, so it’s impossible to believe he turned all documents over to the state attorney general.

Trump doesn’t want to hand over the documents and doesn’t want to pay the fine, so he’s trying to get rid of it, but he may not have a leg to stand on, so he’ll have to turn over the documents or start shelling out money.

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