Albo and ScoMo face off, and the winner is… the teal independents

Three journalists. Two candidates. One moderator. Zero control.

(Image: Private Media)

I heard a couple of old blokes going at it hammer and tongs last night. Albo and ScoMo. Sounded like they were coming to blows. Unusual for Morrison. On a Sunday he normally does his bellowing in a church. But turns out it was all on the telly!

If you want to take a helicopter view of Channel Nine’s brawlathon last night you might legitimately conclude it was the dismal endpoint of a decaying two-party political system. And the winner would be… the teal independents. Thank you, ScoMo (and to a lesser extent, Albo). You are the gift that keeps on giving for those who want to rejuvenate democracy.

There was plenty of outrage among viewers — well, at least those who use social media — about how messy and out of control it was. Three journalists. Two candidates. One moderator. Zero control.

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