Alex Vindman SHREDDED’s wretched wife harpy for using Buffalo footage in VILE tweet attacking right hours after filming –

Rachel Vindman could be worse than her husband … he’s close. And while many people know Rachel on their own accord after she spent several years trolling Trump and promoting her sad little podcast about her, we thought it would be fun to refer to her as Hank Hill’s dad referred to Peggy Hill. .

Hank’s wife.

Vindman’s wife.

She is really just a horrible human being.

Suppose a “good” Vindman deserves another.

Note, the shooting had taken place a few hours earlier, the families of the victims were probably still in the know … and she thought he was “smart”? sharp? We’d be wondering what’s wrong with these people, but we’re pretty sure we already know.

This is an insult to deranged, delusional and psychotic people everywhere.


Ah, and here’s the thing. The left (of course) jumped at the idea that Tucker Carlson and his “white substitute” theory are responsible for the shooting, BUT if you take a look at the fool’s poster (which Twitter seems to be conveniently blocking right now) it actually is. defines a moderate left authoritarian.

Hey, we disagree with the politicization of this tragedy, BUT if they want to play that game let’s talk about every aspect of the manifesto, not just the parts that support our specific political narrative.

Horrible people are horrible.

And in other news, the water is wet.

True story.

Even when he realizes it, he won’t apologize for this horrible tweet.

Not exactly an unfair statement.

Yes, yes, it absolutely is.



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