All-In-One Metaverse Creation Platforms : Nextech Metaverse Suite

Nextech AR Solutions Corp., a leading provider of augmented reality technologies and services, has announced the launch of ‘Nextech Metaverse Suite.’ The new offering is an all-in-one platform and subscription service that serves to unify Nextech’s full technology stack, including both its AR and 3D products and apps.

In addition, the new platform will provide users with access through a single user log in and account, from which they will be able to access Nextech’s three main products/services: 3D Modelling (ARitize 3D, ARitize CAD, ARitize Configurator, ARitize Swirl), 3D Holograms (ARitize Holograms, ARitize CPG), and 3D Mapping (ARitize Maps, ARitize Maps Studio.

“The focus of the user experience for the Nextech Metaverse Suite design was to create a seamless experience for our clients, enabling them to access their files, and our products, all in one location and in one cohesive experience,” said Brynne Kennedy, Director of UX/UI Product Design at Nextech AR.

Image Credit: Nextech AR

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