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We usually don’t pick up on random tweets sent by random users, unless what they post is going viral, is really stupid, and/or something that generates interesting responses. 

Like this one.

We’ll be kind here because she’s Canadian and — thankfully — Biden’s economic, domestic, and international policies don’t negatively impact her. But Americans? They’re hurting, which explains the poll numbers.

Some explained why Biden is so unpopular:

All of this.

Well, she is in Canada, so, benefit of the doubt. But it explains a lot.

Yes, it must be.


An accurate analogy.

But it wasn’t just conservatives who were explaining why:

Definitely not a conservative.

The Hillary treatment? Hahahahaha.

Hillary lost to Trump. Biden beat him.

Others blamed everything but Biden and his policies:

Where is the economy doing better than expected?

Yeah, that’s it. The media want to re-elect Trump. Suuuuurrre.

‘Tremendous pressure.’ 

Except, as of September 2, he’s taken 382 partial or full vacation days during his 957 days in office.

This is an incredible take. The media is definitely not on the side of Republicans. At all.

That’s not it.

Name the positive things.

That’s it! If the media and the Democrats just were better at messaging, we wouldn’t be spending more for housing, energy, and food.


Joe Biden is a bad president, with bad policies across the board. Policies that have alienated the right and the Left. They’ve made the daily lives of Americans difficult, and no amount of spin or messaging is going to change that reality.


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