American Fascists Welcome Viktor Orban Like He’s Hitler Come Back From France

Here is Donald Trump bragging — through one of his white spokesmen, because he’s not allowed to have Twitter — about how he got to bump uglies on Tuesday with the American Right’s favorite white supremacist Nazi fascist authoritarian human rectal fissure, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban.

Yes, this is what excites the rapidly decomposing loser.

Ooh, we wonder what they talked about!

Because just recently one of Orban’s longtime ministers, Zsuzsa Hegedus, resigned after Orban gave a speech in Romania that pretty much everybody interpreted as being overtly Nazi. She called it a “pure Nazi text.” She said not even a “bloodthirsty racist” would be cool with what he said. (Oh, there are some bloodthirsty racists in America about whom we write regularly who might get hard when Orban talks like that, hashtag Tucker hashtag allegedly.)

In his speech, Orban bemoaned Europeans having babies with people of other races, saying we don’t want to create a “mixed-race world.” “We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed race,” said Orban. (When he said “one another,” he meant all the shades of white European.)

“I don’t know how you didn’t notice that the speech you delivered is a purely Nazi diatribe worthy of Joseph Goebbels,” [Hegedus] wrote in her resignation letter, according to the Hungarian news website.

The condemnation, from many sides of Hungarian society and obviously throughout Europe, was fierce. But hey, Mr. Limp-Dicked LoserNazi, come on over to the deposed American president’s ugly golf resort. Maybe you can have a nice conversation about race-mixing!

Of course, Orban is set to speak at CPAC in Dallas this afternoon, because face it, if you were a spritely Nazi propagandist prime minister on the make, that’s where you’d probably go too. They weren’t mad about his “mixed-race” speech at all, so his keynote speech is a go:

Alex Pfeiffer, a spokesman for CPAC, defended Mr. Orban’s presence at the gathering, saying in a statement that the group supports “the open exchange of ideas.” He called Mr. Orban a “popular leader in his fourth successive term.”

Matt Schlapp, the CPAC chairman, recently told Bloomberg, “Let’s listen to the man speak.”

Right. If Hitler was alive, we have a feeling he’d be in Dallas this afternoon too and we’d all be scolded for refusing to at least listen to what the man has to say.

So that’s all very legal and very cool, Viktor Orban going to CPAC to be with his people and say 14 words at ’em. Steve Bannon, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Sarah Palin and Lauren Boebert are all part of the lineup too. Bet they plan to say some words too.

Last night, Tucker Carlson was extremely mad about how unfairly Orban is being treated right now. He started the segment with his giddy jizz-squeals about what a great guy Orban is, then pivoted to complaining that Fareed Zakaria accurately reported on CNN about Orban’s “I Am Nazi And So Can You!” speech. Tucker is appalled. How can you act like somebody is a Nazi just because they walk, talk, and quack like one?

Tucker then hosted one of Orban’s ministers who didn’t resign in disgust, Balasz Orban, who was there to explain that they are not Nazis, it’s just that they built a wall on their southern border to make “law and order.” He said Hungary is under a lot of pressure from the “globalist elites.” It’s just that “our country is very proud” of its “Judeo-Christian heritage” (a known buzzword for white supremacists) and therefore it has to have closed borders.

Then Balasz Orban explained that Ukrainian refugees coming across the borders from the northeast are OK but people coming from the south aren’t OK. He says those are coming from “other civilizations.”

“Ordinary people can differentiate,” he says.

Tucker said this was just a very “moderate” policy.


Just kidding, you can call them all Nazis.

Fuck them.

[BBC / New York Times]

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