Andrew Symonds’ death shocks former Australian captain Michael Clarke

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke was hit hard by the shocking death of Andrew Symonds.

Former Australian captain Michael Clarke opened the “extraordinary connection” he once shared with Andrew Symonds in the wake of the death of his old teammate.

Reflections on shared adventures have become all too common for the likes of Clarke and other former Australian players in recent times and the death of Symonds, on the back of Shane Warne, Rod Marsh and even Phil Hughes, has left much of the cricket fraternity behind. devastated.

Clarke said this in a social media post when news of the Symonds car crash in Queensland was first reported.

And on Tuesday morning Clarke revealed that trying to cope with another loss was one of the reasons he didn’t show up on her radio show on Monday before offering an emotional outlet to talk about how significant his bond with Symonds was.

“I don’t know what’s going on in cricket right now, it’s just devastating. It’s been horrible months, ”Clarke said.

“These are the times you take your family, your friends and care about each day, I guess.”

Clarke and Symonds played trial matches, one-day cricket and T20 together, including winning Australia’s 2007 World Cup. They traveled the world, with Symonds looking for experiences, and Clarke went on to travel.

And while the pair famously retired, there was no way to hide the former skipper’s affection for a teammate who “made me feel at ease” in the most uncomfortable situations.

This included a two-week trip on a Winnebago when the couple traveled from Sydney to Brisbane and then further north in the element of Symonds.

“We were so opposed in so many ways. The laughing joke on our team was the complete town boy, the complete country boy him, yet we built an amazing connection, ”Clarke told the Big Sports Breakfast.

“We did things that I thought I would never experience and I didn’t feel comfortable doing, but with him he made me feel comfortable.

“Talk outside your comfort zone. We were fishing bar on these shores where there were crocodiles everywhere and again, I never would have done it alone, but with him he made you feel so comfortable.

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“We just had a good connection, some of the things we both liked about batting: you know running around wickets or even how competitive we were in training on the pitch to try and improve our fielding. It brought out the best in me. “Clarke said.

“Very lucky to have spent so much time with him on and off the pitch, to have played with him.

“Probably the most athletic cricketer I’ve ever played with, a real monster athlete.”

Having lost so many former teammates and friends in recent times, Clarke said there were “days, there are extremely sad moments” as she reflected on her relationships with them.

But he said the overwhelming feeling was to focus on the good times, to cherish the good memories that would live on forever.

“I think it’s the key to remembering all those good times and celebrating them,” he added.

“It’s hard to believe. Of all things, an accident – even a car accident – is so hard to understand.

“When you have some of those feelings, you have to keep remembering the good times.”

Originally published as Former Australian captain Michael Clarke reveals his devastation over Andrew Symonds’ death

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