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The explosion of overt antisemitism in recent weeks has been disturbing to see no matter where it takes place. We live in the United States, so we’re most horrified about it here, but scenes from London, Australia, and elsewhere are equally concerning. This is not the way a society behaves … at least if it wants to survive. 

However, it is perhaps most distressing to see it in Germany. You would think if one country would know better the lessons of history when it comes to antisemitism, it would be the country whose former leaders exterminated six million of them. Sadly, no.

One of those six million killed in concentration camps was Anne Frank, the young girl whose eponymous diary, written while in hiding from the Nazis, has been a canonical part of Western culture and history since her words were published in 1947. One place that memorialized Frank and her story was the Anne Frank Daycare Center in Tangerhütte, Germany. 

Or, at least it did. Maybe not for much longer.

We were hoping this might be some kind of satire. Sadly, it is not. From The Jerusalem Post: 

The ‘Anne Frank’ daycare center in Tangerhütte, which has been operating for generations, is set to undergo a name change. The decision to rename the daycare center, named after the most famous Jewish girl, has sparked controversy.

The idea of changing of name of Frank, who tragically died in a concentration camp at the age of 15, has come from migrant parents, according to the daycare center’s director. ‘It is reported that parents with migrant backgrounds feel uncertain about the name and find it challenging to explain to their children,’ the report said.

City officials  … remained steadfast in their decision to change the name. According to the report, the renaming is part of a broader concept that aims to celebrate the diversity of the children attending the daycare center, according to Andreas Brohm, the city’s mayor.


Apparently, ‘diversity’ no longer includes Jewish children. In Germany, of all places. 

The sad part is that is it not shocking. Not lately. And yes, a resurgence of Holocaust deniers is already happening as well. And being updated for 2023, as you see numerous people tearing down posters of Jewish hostages in Gaza denying that they were even kidnapped in the first place. 

This is truly the darkest timeline. 

You noticed that part too, did you? Yes, it is not hard to imagine who these ‘migrant parents’ are. Europe has been importing, but not assimilating them for quite some time now. 

Yes. On the nose. Like a punch from Mike Tyson is ‘on the nose.’ 

It’s getting a little difficult to deny this anymore. At least if you have eyes and ears. 

See also: the Soviet Union, China’s Cultural Revolution, Cambodia, and pretty much anywhere a Communist force has taken control of a government.

It’s almost like there is a loud voice and a quiet voice with DEI, isn’t it? 

DIVERSITY. (Except for Jews). EQUITY. (Except for Jews). INCLUSION. (Except for Jews).

We understand how you feel. But don’t lose heart completely. Not just yet. The daycare center hasn’t been renamed yet and there are groups vehemently opposing this erasing of history.

But the fact that this is even being proposed at all makes us want to find a new planet because some of the people in this one seem far beyond saving. 


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