Anti-vaxxers are winning local elections across Western Australia

Without much ado, a network of conspiracy theory-promoting councillors were elected across Western Australia last month.

Anti-vaccine, conspiracy group Stand Up Now Australia’s local strategy, Community Connect, with its founder Peter Harris (Image: Stand Up Now Australia)

Candidates backed by an anti-vaccine, conspiracy theory-promoting group have been elected to councils across Western Australia after last month’s election following campaigns in which they played down or hid their fringe beliefs.

The group, run by the founder of the federal Family First party and his former property mogul wife, encouraged group members to campaign on more electable issues and to use councils as a springboard to state and federal politics.

Stand Up Now Australia is a group run by husband and wife duo Peter Harris and Ruby Janssen that purports to “inform and empower individuals, connect like-minded people, create change in the world and stand up”. 

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Genard Musay

Genard is a reporter who reports on the biggest breaking news stories of the day as well as doing investigations and original stories

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