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On Nov. 16, President Biden delivered remarks from California regarding Chinese President Xi’s visit to the United States and also regarding the Israeli war against Hamas terrorists who attacked them on Oct. 7. After his prepared remarks, Biden took questions from the press.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken probably wishes he hadn’t. 

Biden worked his way through a few questions before his personal Easter Bunny, Karine Jean-Pierre, brought the questions to a close when Biden struggled a little bit with a question about ‘ceasefire.’ But she didn’t whisk him away fast enough. A final question was lobbed in about President Xi and we’re pretty sure it gave Blinken an aneurysm. Watch:

LOL. There is a funny scene from The Simpsons when Ralph Wiggum had a crush on Lisa and she had to put him down the hard way. We’re pretty sure Blinken re-enacted that scene perfectly today.

The Simpsons always nail it. Or at least, they used to. 

But kudos to whoever was working that camera to focus on Blinken rather than Biden for that question. The reaction is priceless. 


We’re pretty sure it would be effortless to tell when Blinken was holding a 2 and 7, off-suit, in a game of Hold ‘Em. 

Oh, you can count on that. And it’s a shame since this answer was the first sensible thing anyone in the administration (or Gavin Newsom) has said about Xi in years. 

Of course, Biden has never been known for his timing. And Blinken felt it … hard.

HA. ‘Hello, darkness my old friend …’

Others had some interesting ideas about what this might mean for the 2024 election. 

Rumors are unconfirmed about whether Gov. Newsom was seen visibly drooling and vigorously rubbing his hands together off-stage.

We may or may not have shot milk out of our nose at that one, LOL. 

Since Jason Howerton started us off with this comedy gold, we’ll let him have the last word: 

Welp. That’s our Joey. 


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