Antony Gormley: ‘This exhibition is an audit on what it means to be alive today’

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In this edition of Arts24, Eve Jackson speaks to one of the most popular and accoladed artists in the UK and beyond. Antony Gormley’s sculptures are simple and accessible and scattered around the world, from cities to seashores. His 20-metre-high “Angel of the North” has for two decades gazed down upon 33 million yearly passersby in North East England and his installation of 40,000 tiny clay figures “Field for the British Isles” won him the world’s top art award, the Turner Prize, in 1994. The artist is in Paris for a show at the Rodin Museum called Critical Mass. He talks about the necessity of sculpture in the digital age, how he tries to make eco-conscious work and his thoughts about being a white, male, Cambridge-educated successful artist in 2023.

Kim Rodiz

Kim Rodiz is a national journalist who wrote a lot of reports since 2014.

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