AOC claims that the idea that abortion is “damaging a life” is just something toxic invented by “fundamentalist Christians” [video]

The moment Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez decides to stop being the worst, we’ll definitely let you know. For planning purposes, however, you can just go ahead and assume it won’t happen for a long, long time.

Here he explains why abortion does not end human life:

Who knew it wasn’t just a major in economics, but also a major in religious studies?

You know exactly what it is.

If only his cry to his white supremacist cops were the most insulting about that little outburst.

It is quite insulting to suggest that the pro-life stance is a product of “Christian fundamentalists”, not to mention the extremely dishonest and wrong. And Judaism is not pro-abortion as AOC claims.

Since when, however, does an anti-Semite like AOC care what Jews think?

There are pro-life Jews, pro-life Muslims, pro-life Hindus, atheists and pro-life agnostics … for AOC to suggest that it is some kind of religious or moral flaw to believe in the humanity of the unborn child is just so twisted and terrible .

Abortion is absolutely about harming a life. It is about harming more than one life, actually.

“Demonic” and “evil” are both appropriate descriptions for what we have just seen.

They’re just putting everything out there on the table.

AOC recently got engaged. If the old schoolyard nursery rhyme is true, and after the wedding comes the baby in the pram, pray for that baby.

Pray for the AOC while you are at it.

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