AR Shopping Malls : Door to Shop Small’

American Express’ Door to Shop Small campaign uses an augmented reality mall to get shoppers acquainted with 10 small businesses. According to the American Express Shop Small Impact Study, 55% of small business owners “anticipate Small Business Saturday will make a significant contribution to their overall holiday sales this year,” and 45% of Gen Z and Millennial shoppers said they would “shop more at small businesses if they had technology, such as augmented reality.”

The Door to Shop Small AR experience spotlights businesses like Paper Shoot Camera, Little Words Project and Cut + Clarity. Through augmented reality, shoppers can choose to navigate to the store’s website if they see something of interest.

This AR experience is being promoted via art installations across the country.

Solidad La Madrid

Solidad has been a reporter since 2017. She writes stories about climate change, environment, COVID-19 pandemic and human rights.

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