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Well, this is certainly an interesting development. As we’ve watched antisemitism spread like wildfire on college campuses, a new report shines light on one of the factors that may be contributing to it.

Foreign donations. Billions of dollars in foreign donations to U.S. colleges and universities.

Wow. Qatar, as in the home of the very wealthy leaders of Hamas?

From The Free Press:

The response from school administrations has been alarming. With few exceptions, in the immediate aftermath of October 7, university presidents issued equivocal statements about the initial attack. Some professors even celebrated it. And the focus on the part of administration bureaucrats has been on protecting the students tearing down posters and being shamed for doing so.

Where did all of this hatred come from is a question worth pondering. As Rachel Fish and others have documented, for several decades a toxic worldview—morally relativist, anti-Israel, and anti-American—has been incubating in “area studies” departments and social theory programs at elite universities. Whole narratives have been constructed to dehumanize Israelis and brand Israel as a “white, colonial project” to be “resisted.” The students you see in the videos circulating online have been marinating in this ideology, which can be defined best by what it’s against: everything Western.

But thanks to the work of the Network Contagion Research Institute (NCRI), a nonprofit research center, we now have a clearer picture of the financial forces at play at a higher, institutional level.

Today, after months of research, the NCRI released a report (comprising four separate studies) following the money. The report finds that at least 200 American colleges and universities illegally withheld information on approximately $13 billion in undisclosed contributions from foreign regimes, many of which are authoritarian.

Moreover, while correlation is not causation, they found that the number of reported antisemitic incidents on a given campus has a meaningful relationship to whether that university has received funding (disclosed and undisclosed) from regimes, or entities tied to regimes, in the Middle East.


Absolutely incredible stuff.

You don’t say?

There needs to be a reckoning.

No surprise at all.

Sure feels that way, doesn’t it?

Painfully relevant.

Always follow the money.

Very enlightening.

We are simultaneously not surprised and horrified.

We are also not shocked that schools haven’t faced accountability. But sad and angry? Yes, we’re feeling that, too.

Remember when the Left was all about ‘punching Nazis’? We do. What happened to that?


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