Audrey Hale Manifesto Leak Is ‘EXTREMELY Misleading’ – Twitchy

As Twitchy reported earlier, Steven Crowder posted three pages allegedly from Covenant School shooter Audrey Hale’s manifesto. Nashville’s mayor is working with the police to find out who leaked the pages (confirming that they’re real).

Crowder reportedly read the entire manifesto on his program, telling how Hale wanted to “kill all you little crackers.”

Apparently, the entire manifesto is out, because investigative reporter Phil Williams of NC5 says multiple sources who’ve read the whole thing say the leaked pages are “EXTREMELY misleading.” Hale reportedly hated everyone, not just little white kids with their white privilege.

So multiple people have read the whole thing. Why not release the whole thing if the excerpt is so misleading?


Is “she hated everybody” supposed to be an improvement over what we’ve seen so far? She wasn’t prejudiced; she hated everyone equally. But she chose to shoot up a Christian school.

So they’re more concerned about finding out who leaked it than they are about releasing the entire thing so we can take those excerpts in “context.” If Hale hated everybody, we should know about it.


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Genard Musay

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