Australian Geographic publishes echidna’s penis photo on Facebook without warning

Australian Geographic unannounced an X-rated animal shot on everyone’s Facebook feed and you can’t miss it.

Let’s start by giving you the stern warning that Australian Geographic didn’t deem necessary: ​​in this article there is a photograph of an echidna’s penis that cannot be hidden.

You know those sports injuries where an athlete’s leg breaks completely and gets stuck at a terrible angle? Or when Madonna does a weird photo shoot in her bedroom? He’s up there with them.

But as Australians digested their dinners on the couch Wednesday night, the nation’s leading geographic destination magazine decided to put a four-pronged dong in thousands of Facebook feeds.

Yes, echidnas have a bright red member with four heads, something Australian Geographic thought was a “conversation starter for dinner” rather than a regurgitation dinner starter.

We understand the hypocrisy of sharing it with you now, but some of the responses to the post were too good not to pass.

“I can’t not see it,” wrote Michelle O’Sullivan. “Scarred for life.”

“Australian Geography,” wrote Eliza Chandler.

“This post should really come with a ‘warning’. I was just scrolling back then BAM, “wrote Clare McDonald.

“Of all the things I was able to see on Facebook today … this wasn’t on my bingo card,” added Steve Cross.

The longer the post trending, the better the comments.

“Wear a condom. They fit like a glove, “wrote Phillip Madsen.

“You mean that’s not how everyone else looks?” added Nigel Cook.

“Imagine you are this echidna with your parts uncovered for all to see,” wrote another. “I hope consent was involved.”

Australian Geographic linked to an article titled “Echidna’s penises: why they are so strange” who attempted to unravel the mystery of the bizarre reproductive organ of native Australian animals.

Again, it gets a little too graphic in detail, but apparently they only use two heads at a time.

“We’re not really sure why it looks so weird, but we do know that they only use their penis for mating, not for urine,” reproductive biologist Jane Fenelon told the journal. “Because they don’t need it for urine, they’ve had the freedom to make it a lot more elaborate and that’s something you see in other species that only use it for mating.”

Originally published as A photo of an echidna’s penis made it to Facebook feeds without warning, and you can’t miss it

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