Bafta TV Awards: eight highlights of the ceremony

By Steven McIntosh
Entertainment reporter

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Underground Railroad stars Peter De Jersey and Sheila Atim with producer Adele Romanski after the show’s Bafta win

BBC prison drama One Time and Channel 4’s pandemic film Help were big winners at Sunday’s Bafta TV Awards, as a brand new doctor walked the red carpet.

But behind the scenes, the chat between the winners was all about pranking celebrities, buying kitchen islands, and where to find the best Afghan food for a post-ceremony banquet.

Here are eight highlights from the Bafta TV Awards.

1. Warning, Ant and Dec are about

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The top prize of the night, best entertainment program, went to Ant & Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway, a show that recently reprized its celebrity jokes after a bit of a hiatus during Covid.

The most recent series saw the couple use a bulldozer to fall a huge pile of dirt on Jeremy Clarkson’s car. And, the two say, it will certainly not be the last.

“We can’t tell you who,” says Dec, “but we have a hit list. Jeremy Clarkson was on the list for about eight years before we got him.

“So we have a list of people and we are slowly working our way through. There are some people here tonight who are actually on the list and we have breached them. It’s kind of weird to see them and go ‘Oh hi! How are you ?!’ thinking ‘We’ll try to get you’.

2. The stars of Gogglebox hope they won’t see anyone they’ve criticized

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Gogglebox stars Marcus and Mica represented the show as it won best reality and built the facts, but fellow cast member Lee was unusually seen without his co-star Jenny.

“She was supposed to be here, but she had to have a minor operation, and she arrived this week, so she couldn’t refuse, so she’s still in the hospital, but she’ll be watching from her hospital bed,” she explains backstage.

The Bafta provided a rare chance to see Goggleboxers from different families together at the same time. “Since I live all over the country, it’s hard to see each other,” says Lee.

“Social media is good for us,” Marcus observes, while Mica adds, “Yes, we all encourage each other and comment on each other’s posts.”

Who couldn’t wait to see the trio at the Baftas? “Anyone we haven’t panned,” Mica jokes.

The trio were asked if they ever worried about drinking too much in front of the camera and then saying something they regret. But, Marcus explains: “Gogglebox encourage it!”

“We drank [while filming]Jenny and I, “Lee recalls.” I saw an episode from 2014 and I’m just mumbling there, and it’s not really good, so I quit drinking. “

3. Mo Gilligan wants to improve her cooking

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The comedian spoke poignantly about how Channel 4 gave him a chance at a time when he was struggling with his mental health, as he accepted the best comedy entertainment show for The Lateish Show.

So what’s your next big professional goal: directing a movie? Win more Bafta

“I need a kitchen with an island,” he replied immediately. “At the moment I have a semi-island, but I need an island with the stove on it, and I want to get one of those taps where the mineral water is.”

Seriously, he said, “I’ve been very lucky to have the free reign of what I’ve been able to do, so I just want to really move on, they say it’s one thing to get there, it’s harder to stay.”

4. Lorraine Kelly introduced herself to the PM

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Star of the day and general legend Lorraine Kelly presented the awards for news coverage and specialist facts, just days after Prime Minister Boris Johnson asked her who she was.

After Susanna Reid told him she needed to wrap up her Good Morning Britain interview to deliver it to Lorraine, the Prime Minister replied: “Who is Lorena”

To be fair, the PM is a bit busy following ITV’s entire daytime schedule. So the veteran TV presenter took the opportunity to update him to the Baftas.

“Hi,” Kelly told the audience as she took the stage, “and a special hello to Boris, I’m Lorraine. Nice to see you.”

5. Jodie Comer may need a vacation soon

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The Killing Eve star won Best Lead Actress for her performance in Help, a Channel 4 drama that shows how nursing homes struggled in the early stages of the pandemic.

“I’m still shaking,” he says backstage. “It’s such an honor to be a part of Help, I walked out of that job feeling like I’ve never had before in any other role. I really realized the power we have in the stories we choose to tell. Plus I got to film at the Liverpool [her hometown]with Stefano [Graham]which I love. “

Comer spent a rare evening off from the West End, where he is now appearing in a personal show. The actress said acting on Prima Facie was tiring, but rewarding.

“I’m in the theater right now, which I love, and that’s a handful!” she said. “There is a lot of work to be done, so I’m just focusing on that right now.”

6. Matthew Macfadyen is not as horrible as his character

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Matthew Macfadyen (left, with Nicholas Braun) won the Best Supporting Actor award for his role in Succession

Succession writer Jesse Armstrong accepted Matthew Macfadyen’s award for Best Supporting Actor, as the star wasn’t there to pick it up in person.

“I really enjoy being with all the actors,” Armstrong says backstage. “But Matthew is a really lovely guy, so since it’s his night, I’m not ashamed to say it’s always a pleasure to work with him.”

When asked how long the succession might continue, Armstrong replied: “I won’t answer precisely, I don’t think we should go on forever, but at the moment we’re still having fun.”

7. Big Zuu knows where he is going for a celebration party

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As a celebrity TV chef, it’s only natural to expect Big Zuu to have some extravagant dinner plans after winning two Bafta: Best Entertainment Performance and Film Award.

“Oh, we didn’t even think about the food,” says Zuu, before turning to his co-stars and suggesting an Afghan restaurant in Southall, west London.

Tubsey and Hyder immediately agree. “OK, there is this Afghan club in Southall, it will change your life,” continues Zuu. “Afghan food is sleeping. Afghan food is amazing, their mixed grill is crazy.”

The rapper and TV star said the upcoming Big Zuu’s Big Eats series will take the show “to the next level,” adding, “We shot the second season in solitary confinement, a lot of social distancing. We just finished season three, no lockups. , a little more connection and a little more energy. And whatever comes of it is a blessing. “

8. John is not going anywhere

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The silent dance of Rose Ayling-Ellis and Giovanni Pernice during the latest Strictly series He took home the Must See Moment award, the only award voted by the public.

Backstage, Rose is asked about the timing of her victory at the Bafta, as Deaf Awareness Week has just ended.

“Yes! How wonderful to win this award to end Deaf Awareness Week,” he says. “Because that’s the point, it’s a week to educate people on how we can be more inclusive for deaf people all year round, because we’re deaf all the time.

“They are like dogs, right?” she concludes. “Not just for Christmas. So, deaf people, not just for a week!”

His dance partner Giovanni, meanwhile, is asked if he ever thought about quitting after winning Strictly for the first time with Rose, to leave the show at the top.

“Go out?” hello answers, perplexed. It’s not in my DNA to stop. I’m Italian, very competitive, so let’s take the next challenge. “