Because America doesn’t have gun control

Ron Brownstein: “This is because gun control is one of many issues where majority opinion in the nation encounters the brick wall of a Senate rule – filibuster – that provides a veto over national policy to a minority of states,” most of them small, largely rural, predominantly white and dominated by Republicans … “

“The practical implications of these imbalances have been dramatized by the latest large-scale debate in the Senate on gun control. After the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Connecticut, the Senate in 2013 voted in favor of a measure backed by President Barack Obama to impose background checks on all arms sales.

“Still allocating half of each state’s population to each of its senators, the 54 senators who supported the bill (plus then Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid, who opposed only on procedural grounds) represented 194 million. of Americans. The remaining senators who opposed the bill represented 118 million people. But due to the obstruction of the Senate, which requires the support of 60 senators to bring the legislation to the vote, the 118 million prevailed “.

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