Bernie Ecclestone, 91, arrested for carrying a gun while boarding a plane in Brazil

Bernie Ecclestone was arrested in Brazil for illegally carrying a gun while boarding a plane bound for Switzerland.

Bernie Ecclestone was arrested in Brazil for carrying a gun while boarding a private jet bound for Switzerland, according to authorities.

Brazilian police said they found an undocumented LW Seecamp .32 pistol in the former Formula 1 Supreme’s luggage during an X-ray screening.. Ecclestone acknowledged that he owns the gun, but said he was unaware it was in his luggage at the time, police said.

The British paid a bond of £ 990 (A $ 1750) and was released to travel to Switzerland, The Sun reports it.

Ecclestone, 91, is married to Brazil-born Fabiana Ecclestone, vice president of the FIA ​​and a member of the World Motor Sport Council. They participated in several events in the South American country in May, including a local Stock Car race in the countryside near São Paulo and a meeting with three-time world champion Nelson Piquet in Brasilia.

Ecclestone was arrested Wednesday at 9:30 pm at Viracopos airport in Campinas, Sao Paulo, reports Globo.

The gun was spotted by the X-ray machine in a T-shirt pocket that was in his luggage.

When questioned, he allegedly told the airport police that he was unaware of the weapon.

Bernie was famously CEO of Formula 1, until he was replaced by Chase Carey.

He and Fabiana live a life of luxury, swimming in a fortune believed to be around £ 3 billion (AU $ 5.3 billion).

Not only does it have the use of a £ 30 million (AU $ 53 million) yacht, Ecclestone also has luxury homes, a coffee plantation and its own mountain.

Aside from motorsport and love for Chelsea FC, Bernie has a passion for coffee.

It’s what led him to buy an impressive £ 8 million (AU $ 40 million) farm in Brazil, larger than Monaco, where he creates his own lot called Celebrity Coffee.

Over 30 people work on the farm, where there are around 600 cows and cattle, 18 horses, six ponies, eight dogs and dozens of chickens and swans.

In 2016, Ecclestone’s helicopter pilot was arrested on suspicion of being the mastermind of a plot to kidnap his mother-in-law.

Aparecida Schunk, the mother of Ecclestone’s wife, was kidnapped from her home in São Paulo by armed robbers posing as bellboys.

A team of police kidnappers in Brazil stormed the building she was being held in and found her tied up before releasing her.

Jorge Eurico da Silva Faria – who was president of the Brazilian Association of Helicopter Pilots until April 2015 and ignored all F1 helicopter operations in Sao Paulo until 2014 – was subsequently arrested in a luxury condominium. in the Granja Viana district, in the Cotia region of São Paulo, near the place where the victim was held.

Originally published as Bernie Ecclestone, 91, arrested for carrying a gun while boarding a plane in Brazil

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