Biden’s approval with Hispanics goes down even LOWER proving Dems’ dandy and hands-on playbook is FAILING –

Damn, hell and hell, these numbers look even worse for Biden than we expected. We knew it was sucking wind across the board, but looking at these approval numbers in the Hispanic community?

Maybe at this point we should just call them disapproval numbers.

Hey Carumba!

Hispanics were key to Biden in 2020 … Democrats are in trouble.



From the Quinnipiac survey:

As for which party voters would like to see gain control of the US Senate, 48% of registered voters say the Republican Party, while 44% of registered voters say Democratic Party and 8% have not expressed a ‘ opinion. In Quinnipiac’s poll of April 27, 2022, registered voters were divided as 44% said the Republican Party, while 44% said the Democratic Party and 12% did not express an opinion.

Guess how much these numbers will change when Americans see $ 10 a gallon gasoline this summer? Thanks Joe Biden and the team!

They are really wrong.

Here it is.

It should do it.

It’s true.


This is an interesting point …




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