Biden’s strategy to reduce Covid risk at WH correspondents’ dinner can’t be more scientific –

The White House Correspondents Dinner will take place this year in the presence of President Biden. Well, Biden will still be there most of the time, but he’ll skip the part of the event where Covid is most likely to spread, or something like that:

The “science” is strong with this!

The White House said Biden wants to participate “securely”:

Biden may be wearing a mask when he won’t comment on Saturday’s annual event and won’t attend the dinner, Psaki said.

The president will arrive for the lecture program, during which the White House Correspondents Association will award scholarships and recognize journalists covering the Russian invasion of Ukraine. Comedian Trevor Noah will also be speaking at the event at the Washington Hilton.

“He made the decision that he wanted to safely attend the White House Correspondents Dinner to show his support for the free press, the work of all of you, the work of your colleagues around the world, not just sharing accurate information. on COVID but also report on the war in Ukraine and all the work that happens every single day, “Psaki said in a briefing.

Would it be “safe” for Biden to eat at the event if he had a few extra boosters?

Trust the science!



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