Caloy Montemayor’s ’90s-themed birthday bash

PLUS: Supremes Ladies monthly birthday lunch

In flannel shirts, slap bracelets, crop tops, maxi coats, boot-cut dress pants, slip dresses, and claw clips, the ’90s vibe of Caloy Montemayor’s birthday filled the air of Mansion Sports Bar and Lounge on October 26.

Family, friends, colleagues, and guests grace the occasion with festive mood of the ’90s inspired by the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Spice Girls, grunge fashion with bedazzled jackets, chunky heels, with shades of bold colors and iconic trends.

The ’90s vibe represents a carefree time that was just about having fun. It is simply about nostalgia, feeling nostalgic for a simpler time. Guests enjoyed the regalement, fun, and cheers. Many came in their ’90s outfit channeling their inner movie star vibe, iconic musician, or pop culture figure in the that era.

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It was in the 90’s where pop culture took flight, dance moves were born, and a rainbow bridge between the old ways of the old days and the electronic power in the future.

Caloy’s ’90s themed birthday celebration romanticizes a period of time sprinkled with good memories, more fun, and vibrance in more unorthodox and unconventional ways we could all ever imagine.

Guests enjoyed dancing to the beat of DJ Atom, DJ Daxx and DJ David. Other guests played billiards, darts and beer pong while there were those who chose to just sing the karaoke in the private room.

The evening was more than just a celebration. The evening has the best of moments ever.

To cap the wonderful celebration, Caloy and Irene also launched the Montemayor Brand and Advocacy on Mental Health.

As the night came to a close, a dance off competition took place and the winning prize was a high quality Rasson pool table. Agile Zamora with her graceful moves and high energy level won the dance off competition. Congratulations Party Girl Agile!

* * *

Recently, Celine Saldana Bautista organized the Supremes Ladies monthly birthday lunch at the buffet lounge of New World Hotel in Makati.

This was hosted by celebrants Patty Jalbuena, Velia Cruz, Cristina Caedo, Letty Hahn, Nikki Tang, Vicky Cadungog and Michael Rosero. Attendees were Malou Bewer, Linda Guanzon, Baby Ortiz, Rose Basa, Ruby Chua, Choy Bernardo, Carmen Afzelius, Nini Layug, Tessie Amparo, Virgie Monton, Mary Ang and Liza Quirolgico.It was so fun much and we went home at 4 p.m. Food was excellent with all kinds of seafood, oysters, crabs, prawns, among others.

Happy birthday and thank you. We all enjoyed the fun. Thanks to Sen. Cynthia Villar’s sumptuous camote cake birthday gift to celebrants.

Kim Rodiz

Kim Rodiz is a national journalist who wrote a lot of reports since 2014.

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