Cameron Daddo: “I stay physically fit to do my job as an actor”

Despite being in show business for decades, 57-year-old actor Cameron Daddo still plans on staying fit and healthy for a long time.

Long before the Hemsworth brothers became the Australian celebrity brothers of the day, the Daddo brothers – Cameron, Andrew and Lochie – ruled the Australian entertainment landscape during a time when you literally couldn’t turn on a TV or radio without seeing the beautiful face of a beaming Daddo back.

As the eldest of Daddo’s pack, Cameron, 57, has had the longest career, from hosting the dating show Perfect Match in the late 1980s to starring in the Melrose spin-off Place Models Inc, all the way up to making an unlikely appearance in Big Momma’s House 2 in 2007.

He has since appeared in Australian television and stage productions, as well as using his sweet tones as an evening announcer on smoothfm, and started the Nova podcast “So You Want To Make A TV Show” with his brother Andrew.

Despite having amassed enough accomplishments to earn a comfortable retirement, Daddo plans to take care of himself and stay longer.

“I’ve always felt the need to keep physically fit to do my acting job and I intend to be one of those actors who keep acting into their 90s because I love him so much,” he says.

“It’s important to keep your mind sharp and eat good brain foods.”

When it comes to exercise, don’t expect to see a Team Daddo wearing a football shirt or cricket whites, as Daddo is more of a fan of outdoor activities that can be done alone.

“I love golf, which forces you to be aware as it comes to being responsible for your actions,” he says.

“In golf you are totally responsible for what happens on the golf course when you choose to pull the trigger to hit the ball. It is also about cleaning up yourself to make it fair for the next golfer.

“I love bush walking and long distance ocean swimming, which means being aware of your surroundings. It’s the same in the bush: you tap into the energy of the trees and wildlife and you respect the bush and the trees have been there much longer than I have and will continue to be even after I’m gone. ”

As for his goals for the coming year, Daddo may want to seek advice from younger brother Lochie, host of the TV show Getaway in the 1990s.

“The only thing I want to do this year is go on vacation,” he says.

“My wife Ali and I haven’t had a longer vacation than 10 days in 30 years.”

Cameron Daddo on …


“The power of sleep is very important, my wife constantly teaches me the importance of sleep because I was snoring. Sometimes she sleeps in the other room and sometimes she throws me out in the guest room, or the” snoratorium “as we like to call it, so I am very aware and well versed that sleep is important To get a good night’s sleep I make sure I am in bed by 1am.


“It’s really important to take care of your body, I’m very active and it’s important for longevity. I have seen many older people who have lost their flexibility and I have seen how frustrating it can be for them. “


“I eat in moderation and I pay attention to what I eat. I like to eat fish and chips, fried food, hamburgers and pizza, but I eat them in moderation ”.


“I use rest and reading to take care of my mind and I recognize that it is really important for my health. My inner dialogue can be quite destructive at times, so I am aware that I have to take care of my mind and remind myself of my luck, my gifts and have gratitude for what I have. ”


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