Celebrating Mummy Dearest

OUR mums are frequently repositories of immense knowledge and insight throughout our lives. From practical guidance to emotional support, they are there with a wise word and open arms to help us deal with everything life throws at us. Even as we age, their comments frequently ring true in our brains, and we are all prone to moments when we realise: “Oh gosh, she was right after all.” In other words, the finest type of mothers rock our worlds – and are always there on the other side of a crisis, large or small, to life us up with reassuring words. Even individuals who have regrettably lost their mothers or mother figures frequently keep their words near to their hearts for the rest of their lives.

To celebrate Mother’s Day (May 8) this weekend, theSun asked our readers to send in greetings for their lovely mothers, promising to publish them.

Madam Jee Gaik Hong – Desmond Lau

“My mother is a supermum. She is capable of doing anything. She wears several hats at home and has done so much for my family without expecting anything in return. Preparing meals every day, washing laundry, transporting us to school, and being a full-time housewife role. She does almost everything without complaining.

“Dear mum, I was too young to realise your sacrifices back then. Thank you for your unwavering efforts to keep our family healthy and united.

“I have always appreciated her politeness, tolerance, refusal to begin a fight, and unconditional love. Though she did not pursue a higher education, the things she accomplished and taught us were no less valuable than those of other mums. Thank you, so much, and happy Mother’s Day.”

Mrs. Gunasunthari – Kousalyah & sisters

“Amma, you spent your entire life working tirelessly for the happiness and well-being of your family. You never paid attention to yourself and always put all of us first. If there is one powerful lady we can think of, it is unquestionably you. We wonder how someone can be so focused with their husband’s and children’s daily needs, health, and happiness.

“We recall you telling us that knowledge is the most valuable asset that any woman requires. Taking that as your main focus, you stressed the aspect of education in every one of us. You have educated us about how a woman should be in terms of education, work, family, happiness, self-esteem, etiquette, and spiritual practises. We are aware that you had given up your happiness and priorities for the sake of your girls.

“You created us and then surrounded us with love, encouragement, comfort, and care. We will want to make you proud, so proud that you will never regret for having us as your daughters, just as we are proud to have you as our incredibly wonderful mother. Happy Mother’s Day ma.”

“Mum, you are our biggest inspiration and influence. Thank you for everything you have done to support us and for making us the people we are now. We are blessed to have a Mum like you. We know raising us was not easy so we are so thankful for all your unconditional love and patience! You mean so much to us Mum. We love you with all our hearts and wish you a Happy Mother’s Day!”

Mrs. Susan Yat – Song Li Jing

“Dear Mum, you, like most Malaysians growing up in the 1960s, had a tough childhood. You grew up having so little, lack of care, love, guidance and security. You grew up without a role model or someone to look up to, so you kept your head held high, secretly hurting from bullies who teased you about your worn-out shoes and dirty clothes.

“As a daughter, I know you have done your best to offer the best for us, and most importantly, you’ve shielded us from the society’s cruel and ugly truths. I grew up without realising how difficult it is to keep afloat and be genuinely self-sufficient since you never stop supporting, both emotionally and physically. You would give up everything to please us and make us happy.

“Mum, I’m sorry for everything you have been through, and I apologise for the difficulties you’ve had to face; I’m trying hard to carry your responsibilities. For this Mother’s Day and everyday herewith, let’s celebrate the presence of each other and the relationship that we have.”

Mrs. Shaminii – Shivani

“I wish you could be me for more than a day so you could see what I see when I look at you, so you could realise I love you more than words can ever convey; even better, they haven’t invented words to describe what you mean to me. When I see you, I see my best friend, the source of my joy and happiness. I see my support system, who has always been there for me when no one else has. Mum, I love you more than you could have ever imagined. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Pn. Noraini Mat Lleh – Asmira

“Sending Mother’s Day wishes to my lovely and amazing mother. Maa, thank you for being someone I could always look up to, thanks for all the sacrifices you have made for me and our family. I know I’m not always easy to deal with, for that I apologise. May all the love you gave to us come back to you hundredfold on this special day. Having you as my mum has been the most special blessing from God. Love you maa.”

Mrs. Sun Lae Hoon – Ng Jacqueline

“Hey Mum, I’m so blessed to be your daughter. You have been my role model since young, and u always will! You showed me positivity, courage, love, joyfulness & endless kindness with your words & actions. You make me feel no matter what happens, you will always be the one behind me supporting and giving me the strength, I need. Looking forward to create more memories together. Can’t wait to travel with u again soon! Lastly, Happy Mother’s Day to you. Cheers to many more joyful days & adventures!”

Mrs. Rajeswary Suppiah – Geetha& siblings

“She’s someone we can talk to in the kitchen over tea and someone we can go hiking with. Thank you for being you, Amma. No matter where we go, you will always hold a special place in our hearts. You are not just a mother to us, but also to all of our friends. You’ve always been someone with whom we can talk and discuss everything. We can’t wait to be a parent just like you. Happy Mother’s Day to the coolest amma!”

Mrs. Azlina Miskan – Nurin Azwin Bt Zulkifli

“Happy Mother’s Day! I’m so proud to be your daughter. Thank you for always being there when I need u. Thanks for making our home the happiest place in the world. I love you to the moon and back. You have always been my heroin. You’re the best mum to me. My life would be so hollow and miserable without you. You’re a wonderful woman, a wonderful nurturer, and above all, a wonderful mum. Love you mum.”

Madam Angammah Nadarajah – Kovalan & brothers

Dear Amma, you are a supermum in every way because of the way you raised all three of us. You are both our mother and our father. It is difficult for a lady who has lost her spouse as young as 30 to face the harsh world outdoors on her own.

“Nonetheless, your great commitment to raise your sons correctly had made you incredibly strong and independent. It is evident that we have survived all of this time with you standing with us at all times when we needed you. Thank you for providing all of the world’s conveniences and pleasures. We want to wish you a very happy Mother’s Day, Ma.”

Pn. Shazlina Md Atan and late grandma Almarhumah Ropiah Attan – Inessa

“Ibu and Arwah Tokbu, Happy Mother’s Day! You are both my greatest goals! Thank you for being the most accepting and kind human beings I’ve ever encountered! You look after our family so selflessly. Words can never express how much I adore you! Thank you for raising me to be strong and self-sufficient, and for loving me so unconditionally!

“Tokbu, even though you are no longer with us, Iness will always love and miss you! Al-Fatihah Ropiah Attan, Hajah.”

Mrs. Thamayandhi – Tharsiniy

“Hi, Amma I just wanted to wish you a happy Mother’s Day and surprise you with this. I consider myself extremely blessed to have you as my mother. Thank you for always believing in me and doing so much for me every day, and for being a source of strength, wisdom, happiness, and inspiration to our family daily. There aren’t enough words to express how precious you are to me. You gave me life, nursed me, taught me, held me, kissed me, and most importantly, you loved me unconditionally. Thank you for being my best friend, I love you, amma.”