Celebrities outraged by the threat to abortion rights: “Show yourself. Be strong

Celebrities have rioted en masse on social media to protest the imminent threat to abortion rights in the United States following the escape of a draft Supreme Court majority opinion in favor of overthrowing Roe v. Veal.

The draft opinion, published Monday by Politico, indicated that the court was ready to overturn the historic decision on the right to abortion, which it would probably turn out in bans on the procedure in more than 26 states and could lead the way republicans ban abortion nationwide. However, the current version of the opinion is a draft and the judges can still change their votes.

Pro-choice and anti-abortion groups are already scrambling to respond to development. In Hollywood, the sentence was swift.

“Introduce yourself. Be strong. The person who risked everything to leak that document did so with the knowledge that IT IS NOT DONE YET.” he wrote actor Busy Philipps, an advocate for access to vocal abortion. He said the move had “NOTHING to do with CHILDREN and EVERYTHING to do with white supremacy and power-hungry politicians trying to keep systems of oppression in place” and urged people to join the protests. .

Grammy-nominated singer-songwriter Phoebe Bridgers revealed on social media who had an abortion last fall e followers encouraged to donate to choice advocacy groups and reproductive health organizations in the United States

Comedian Amy Schumer criticized Maine Senator Susan Collins, a prominent Republican advocate of abortion rights who was the deciding vote to confirm Brett Kavanaugh in the Supreme Court. Schumer said she would be attending a Planned parenting protest in New York City on Tuesday in Foley Square.

“Give us our dignity or we will take it. For this we fight. See you out there girls, “she wrote.

Other celebrities commenting on the draft opinion included actors Olivia Munn, Mia Farrow, Bette Midler, Elizabeth Banks, Susan Sarandon, Jameela Jamil, George Takei, Rosanna Arquette, Ashley Nicole Black and Mark Ruffalo; author Jodi Picoult and director Lena Dunham: