Chisholm’s voter feels a responsibility to make his vote count

Charlie Lee will vote for the first time in this election. He is focusing on Australia’s relations with China and on climate action.

In this election series, Woh works with the Center for Advancing Journalism at the University of Melbourne to delve into the heart of the Chisholm federal fringe seat in south-east Melbourne to see what people think ahead of the survey. Find more of the series here.

Charlie Lee feels the weight of the democratic process before his first vote in the Australian elections. His hometown, Shanghai, is in crisis, blocked due to the wave of COVID and the shortage of food in some regions of the city. The power of politics is in the front of the mind.

“In China, it is said that democracy cannot feed you as food, but what is happening in Shanghai now shows that democracy can save you from hunger … when a dictator finds a solution in a whim, people in the whole city suffer, “hey says.

Learn more about Crikey’s coverage of the Chisholm marginal office.

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