Christina Pushaw’s update on WaPo reporter’s effort to dig up the dirt talks about journalistic volumes –

Last month Christina Pushaw, Florida Governor’s press officer. Ron DeSantis, said the Washington Post had hired a reporter to write an article about her. Pushaw’s response to an interview request including the followingwhich unfortunately in these days is a necessary reminder for â € œjournalistsâ €:

“By the way, I want to be very clear: neither you nor your colleagues are invited to visit my home or that of my relatives. Harassment is harassment, even if it is apparently done in the name of “reporting”.

Pushaw has provided an update. The journalist of the Post in question has not yet crossed the family line, but the search for dirt has significantly expanded to areas other than politics:

Such is the pitiful state of “journalism” these days.

It is quite clear that the leftist media are incredibly concerned about the effectiveness of Gov. DeSantis and his press officer.

This will certainly not be a problem for lib feminist “journalists” this Case.

These are the AOC rules we all have to abide by these days.

This is a good question that WaPo “reporters” will not have a good answer to, not that they will even try to provide an answer.



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