Collectible physical clothing tokens: in the metaverse

adidas has announced a NFT collectible landmark as the next step in its “Into the Metaverse” initiative. The company kicked off this initiative with the NFT collection of the same name, saying that individuals who acquire an Into the Metaverse NFT will receive exclusive access to a range of digital, physical and experience-based benefits in the future. adidas has released a digital render of an individual wearing a tracksuit created in collaboration with “gmoney”, “Bored Ape Yacht Club” and “PUNKS Comic”.

This NFT suit is free for owners of an Into the Metaverse NFT. In addition to claiming this collectible, token holders will receive a direct physical twin of the digitally rendered suit. adidas will continue to release physical items featuring digital cufflinks as it continues its Into the Metaverse initiative.

Image credit: adidas