Committee 1/6 destroyed Trump’s Obstruction Wall

“We are definitely taking advantage of the fact that most senior-level people in Washington depend on many young associates and subordinates to do just about anything,” said Select Committee member Jamie Raskin (D-Md.). “Many of these people still have their ethics intact and don’t want to waste the rest of their careers on other people’s mistakes and corruption.”

The 1/6 Committee has received testimonies from contributors to Pence, Bannon, Clark and Meadows, among others, so even if Trump’s closest aides refuse to cooperate, their collaborators are telling the 1/6 Committee what they need to. know.

Committee 1/6 did something other committees did not do during the Trump investigation. They got over the Donald Trump obstruction talk to other people who were in the room for meetings and calls.

Without the ability to use executive privilege, Trump can’t stop people from testing, and that means the committee doesn’t need the big names because it has the staff who worked for those who followed Trump’s orders.