Conte Punts David Perdue’s acrobatic cause on the results of the 2020 general elections

Former Senator David Perdue, Trump’s chosen “anti-Governor Kemp” missile, had already lost most of the time in the run-up to Georgia’s government. down 16 points in the last significant survey about two weeks ago. News of a fierce court order dismissing Perdue’s acrobatic publicity lawsuit over the 2020 election results will likely slam the drain on his campaign. Perdue hypocritically filed the lawsuit, effectively claiming that Trump won Georgia, presumably as a means of proving that he can eliminate “MAGA” anyone. Instead, he received a typical MAGA result, with fiery language. From Law and crime:

Former Georgia Senator and current candidate for governor David Perdue (R )’s lawsuit against the 2020 election results fell through on Thursday after a judge found little to back it up beyond “speculation, speculation and paranoia.”

Borrowing a language from Miguel de Cervantes’ immortal novel, Fulton County Superior Court Judge Robert CI McBurney suggested that Perdue was leaning over the windmills. “This quixotic journey will not take place,” McBurney wrote in an 8-page layoff order.

Summary judgment orders usually take two to three pages to set out the issue raised in the motion of denial and the standard of review, while also leaving a page for conclusion. This eight-page decision reflects a judgment process Very quick work of a cause that clearly bothered him. Almost all judges in this country run a significant calendar load and send out signals when they are upset about an unsightly “PR” suit.

In any case, it never ceases to amaze some of us that lawsuits in Arizona and Georgia (in particular) never include the all-important Senate results. You might think that if the MAGA movement thought that the Democrats actually stole the election and the presidency, wouldn’t it be smart and prudent to steal the Senate just as easily while it’s there? It is almost as if the whole cry of “rigged” reflects on the man’s insecurities and has nothing to do with the actual elections.