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Sigh … here we go again. 

At Twitchy, we have lost count of how many times we have highlighted the media’s dishonesty with the public. And not just dishonest. Blatantly, obviously, and maliciously dishonest. They’re not even good at it anymore. It’s almost like they don’t care. (Spoiler alert: they do not.)

The latest example comes from CTV News out of Canada which reported last night on the fate of Canadian activist Vivian Silver, who had worked for years on creating peace between Israel and Palestine.

‘Went missing.’ ‘Has died.’ Let’s clear that up, shall we? 

Silver did not ‘go missing.’ She was living in Kibbutz Be’eri on Oct. 7 when Hamas terrorists attacked. This is the kibbutz where terrorists killed more than 100 people alone, 10 percent of the population. Silver was presumed kidnapped in the immediate aftermath of the attack, since her fellow activist Yocheved Lifschitz was also kidnapped from there and since there was no identifiable body. 

‘Has died’ is even more disgraceful. On Oct. 13, Silver’s son announced that she had, in fact, been brutally murdered on the day of the attack. Why did it take so long to make this determination? Because DNA was required to identify SIlver’s remains. That’s how horrific her murder was. 

The tweet was so bad, it was slapped with a Community Note early in the morning on Oct. 14. 


In fairness, the article itself does make it clear that Silver was murdered (though it still goes with the ‘went missing’ lie). But come on. This is Twitter. That tweet is the first thing anyone sees, maybe the only thing many people will see. The media knows this. Moreover, since the article IS more accurate, it only demonstrates that the lie in the tweet was deliberate. 

Things did not go well for CTV News after the tweet. 

Journalism 101: Never use the passive voice when at all possible to avoid it. But then again, it is entirely possible that no one at CTV News ever went to J School. 

The judges all came in with zeros across the board on CTV’s mental gymnastics routine. 

Nicole Brown Simpson, who was out for an evening stroll, has died. 

Even the full article never provided many of those details, which seemed to be common knowledge. 

More than a month to identify her body. And yet, the media — including CTV News in this article — has no problem repeating the immediate casualty statistics fed to them by Hamas. They exercise no discernment nor even any intellectual curiosity. They just repeat what they’re told.

Honestly, we could go on forever. In addition to the Community Note, CTV News was epically ratioed by Twitter users all night long. We’ll let one of our favorites sum up their humiliation:

We’re beyond the point where we believe the media even has any sense of shame. But CTV News’ tweet really did suck. That much has been confirmed. 


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