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Many Americans have noticed a disturbing rise in antisemitism in the country since October 7th. We’re not naive, we realize it’s sadly been there for a long time, but people are no longer trying to hide it … 

One has to wonder why.

Welp, a big chunk of the ‘why’ has to do with our pals in the mainstream media who, for whatever reason, seem to think they can trust Hamas for sources in their reporting. 

We made a similar face.

David Collier put together a damning thread showing who exactly the media has been relying on for tips and he brought all the receipts.

Take a look:

We do indeed need to talk about international news media.

Mainstream media.

Good ol’ CNN.


Starting to think our pals in the media need to do some due diligence on their ‘sources’.


But wait, there’s more!


But Israel something something!

LITERALLY part of Hamas.

C’mon you guys.

And the mainstream media are relying on this guy for their info.


Good question.

Now why oh why would the media do that?


Media are fueling the fires … 



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