Dangerous black mold that grows in Australian homes as a result of heavy rain

One woman couldn’t understand why she was constantly plagued with headaches and sinus infections until she looked behind the headboard.

Toxic black mold was found behind photo frames and under mattresses after the wettest season on record in the nation.

A woman revealed online that she was sleeping with mold over her head due to intense headaches and sinus infections.

“Unknowingly, we sleep with this mold on top of our heads every night, wondering why we have headaches, sinus problems and more,” she wrote.

A photo posted by the woman revealed that black mold thrived behind her headboard.

After the discovery, users flocked to comment on how the deadly toxin was “everywhere” at the time.

Wooden mattresses, bases, and frames are hotbeds of mold, with some residents claiming they only discovered the infestation after updating their bed.

“We updated our bed and found the bottom of the mattress was all moldy!” one user said.

Fungi thrive in humid or water-damaged environments and can cause serious health problems if inhaled.

Symptoms of mold exposure include an increased risk of asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, and coughs.

Australian residents are advised to stop mold by using a dehumidifier, opening windows and doors when the weather permits, and checking roofs and walls for leaking to the toxin.

Brisbane stores ran out of mold killer last week when flood-ravaged homeowners attempted to detox their homes.

One man even revealed the bare supermarket and hardware store shelves in a social media post, with another user commenting, “In this day and age you have to be one step ahead of panic shoppers.”

A spokesperson for Brisbane Bunnings told NCA NewsWire that the store was running out of anti-mold concentrate but still had plenty of pre-mixed options.

Originally published as ‘Every night we slept with this over our heads: found gross behind a woman’s headboard

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