Debbie Dingell Displays Deep Difficulty Denouncing Dislikable Dogmatist Dummy … Rashida Tlaib – Twitchy

In today’s episode of ‘Democrats Debasing Themselves To Help Rashida Tlaib’, we have Debbie Dingell. Dingell is also a Congresswoman from Michigan and felt the need to defend Tlaib. Dingell claims ‘From the River to the Sea’, means different things to different communities. Perhaps she means, to Jews it is a call for their deaths and Palestinians see it as a victory chant. Maybe that is what she means.

This is just embarrassing at this point.

Maybe it just doesn’t translate precisely. Sigh.


That’s the perfect way to say it.

Yes, please go on with Leland and clarify, Representative Dingell. America would love to hear an explanation.

They don’t really mean that or something.

It depends on if it would be expedient or not politically for her to say that. It seems that is all that matters these days.

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