Democratizing financial access through citizen development

THE Philippines has become one of the most rapidly accelerating digital economies in Southeast Asia, and digital transformation has led to the development of new business models, innovative products and services. However, the country’s ability to fully capitalize on the extensive possibilities offered by new technologies depends on bridging the digital divide.

Kissflow, a low-code work platform for enterprises, enables digital inclusion to encompass all members of society. In line with this, Dinesh Varadharajan, chief product officer of Kissflow, joined by Mark Zaplan, Philippines country sales manager, recently discussed with The Manila Times the opportunities and hurdles in supporting citizen development toward a more inclusive strategy for digital transformation in the Philippines.

Mike Ibanoz

Mike Ibanoz is an Emmy Award-winning journalist who has spent the better part of two decades covering gadgets and apps, and helping people make smarter tech decisions.

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