Domino’s: ‘Kev from finance’ takes over the Facebook page

Australians were left at loggerheads after a rogue Domino worker calling himself “Finance Kev” took over the pizza chain’s Facebook page.

Australians were left at loggerheads after a rogue Domino worker nicknamed “Kevin from finance” hijacked the pizza chain’s official Facebook page.

“Hi everyone, Kevin from finance here to answer questions for the next hour, cheers,” reads a post on Domino’s Australia page Wednesday night.

Chaos reigned for the next few hours “Kevin” shared a series of bizarre updates to the pizza chain’s 1.1 million followers.

“The social media person is locked up in a fire escape thanks Kevin,” wrote the mystery poster.

“Thanks to everyone who came down to go to the local RSL for the fisherman’s basket. Sent from my 2007 V8 Holden Commodore, ”they wrote in another comment, paying homage to the signature“ sent from my iPhone ”synonymous with 21st century email.

Bystanders immediately threw themselves into the fun.

“Kevin, Nick here. I hope you are all right. General thoughts on Hungry Jack’s YUMBO? You’re a finance man, you crunch the numbers: would they make him or cost him money?” asked a man.

“Hi Kevin. No questions from us, just some good vibes! Keep it up, great king of work! You’re awesome,” read another comment from the “Blokes Advice” satire page.

“Hey Kevin, you can train your pizza slicers to smooth things out a bit. I’m sorry to have to take one of the larger slices, ”said another person.

“Then don’t do it, cheers – Kev,” Domino’s replied.

An official statement from Domino’s “Pizza Press” team says the company can “neither confirm nor deny anything about Kevin from Finance due to employee confidentiality.”

“We can say that all employees will be retrained in our social media policy and we will review the locking mechanisms in the fire escape. Sent from my Samsung Smartfridge, “reads their ironic statement.

In all seriousness – with Domino share price down over 30% in the last year, there are sure to be some savings investors riding the food chain success who would like to talk to Kev from Finance for an hour or two.

Originally published as “Kev from Finance” takes over Domino’s Facebook page in Australia

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