Doug Mastriano Knows What’s Just Like The Holocaust, And It Is Whatever Makes Him Mad

QAnon-adjacent seditionist bigoted moron Doug Mastriano is the GOP nominee for governor of Pennsylvania, and he’s a real piece of shit. All you have to do is watch his victory speech from the primary a couple weeks ago. He has this delivery that says, “Look at me! Did you see how good I owned the libs just then? Did you see? Did you? Did you see? I owned the libs!” In that victory speech, he said that “on day one” as governor, “CRT is over.” He said “only biological females can play on biological female teams.”

He said on day one as governor, “you can only use the bathroom that your biology anatomy says,” and he pointed in the general direction of the space between his nipples and his love-handles, because that’s his biology anatomy. And he laughed and giggled and grunted with excitement, because he’s just a little giggle-grunter.

But look, we only bring all that up because we’ve been wanting to make fun of his victory speech ever since they showed it on the TV. This post is about another of Mastriano’s vile tics, namely that he says everything that offends his little conservative white boy sensibilities is just like the Holocaust, or just like Hitler. It’s a real pattern for this white Christian nationalist guy.

Let’s start with …

Abortion Is Just Like The Holocaust, Obviously

Media Matters has a thing today about how Mastriano has this little habit of comparing abortion to the Holocaust on his Facebook page.

Look how charming he is:

That’s right, that’s a meme from creationist loon farm Answers in Genesis, which depicts Hitler and Stalin bowing down to Roe v. Wade for being way better at killing than they were. Mastriano posted it in 2019.

Media Matters reports that the very same year, Mastriano posted a video from longtime anti-abortion extremist and deceptive undercover video editor Lila Rose, what claimed the people who created the abortion pill are somehow the grandchildren of the people who made the gas that killed Jews in concentration camps. Or something. It’s some batshit rightwing conspiracy theory, don’t worry about it.

In 2020, there was this one. He’s really into that Lila Rose clown, looks like. (TRIGGER WARNING FOR PILES OF DEAD PEOPLE BY THE WAY.)

The post at Media Matters ends with good quotes from people who actually work to educate about the Holocaust, all stating unequivocally that comparing legal abortion to the wholesale slaughter of six million Jewish people is fucking disgusting.

Hey Know Who Else Did Gun Control?

Oh, that old canard.

We can say a lot about Doug Mastriano, but we aren’t going to say he’s clever or original. Just like “aBrotiON iS hOlOooOCaUTS!” is an overdone and stupid and offensive rightwing belief, these dipshits have been masturbating to lies about Hitler and gun control for years.

In 2013, some gunhumper group put up a billboard in Dayton, Tennessee, with a fake quote about Hitler being gay for gun control. It got debunked.

In 2015, empty-headed fool and then-GOP presidential candidate Ben Carson went on a somnambulant soliloquy about how the Holocaust might never have happened had the Jews all had guns. It was offensive on a few levels, because for one thing, Jewish people with guns did fight the fucking Nazis, and got absolutely massacred in the process. But then also it’s just a fucking lie rightwing conspiracy theory, because what Hitler actually did was LOOSENED GUN LAWS for people who believed like he did, and banned them for Jews.

And now in 2022, Doug Mastriano has hopped onto his Facebook again to post a video of himself talking in 2018, where he says gun control legislation is just like Nazi Germany. The Philadelphia Inquirer has the story:

Mastriano on Wednesday shared a video – posted on YouTube the previous day by the news organization The Forward – of a 2018 debate during his unsuccessful run for Congress that year.

“It’s appalling to me any time there’s a shooting, the left will jump on that as a way to advance an agenda to remove our right to bear arms. … What other right will they suspend?” Mastriano says in the video.

“We saw Lenin do the same thing in Russia. We saw Hitler do the same thing in Germany in the ’30s. Where does it stop? Where do the tyrants stop infringing upon our rights?”

Mastriano shared the video on Twitter the day after The Forward published an article that resurfaced his 2018 remarks. After a reporter posted an excerpt of the video, including the comparison to Hitler, Mastriano responded: “Historically, this is accurate.”

Yeah, except no it’s not, and go fuck yourself.

Is it any surprise, though, that Mastriano, a wingnut Christian nationalist, has been lambasted for stealing Jewish religious symbols for use in his political campaign? Not really, for a guy who trivializes the Holocaust so he can bitch about abortion, and spreads easily disproven lies about Hitler’s gun policies to excuse American gun policies that directly cause literal piles of dead children’s bodies to collect in elementary school classrooms around the country.

All of this is just so fucking typical. After all, is there anything more anti-Semitic than a Christian nationalist who loves QAnon?

[Media Matters / Philadelphia Inquirer]

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