Drew Holden revisits some of Administrator Biden and Russiagate’s biggest election hits, and it looks like Karine Jean-Pierre will fit in perfectly

After Karine Jean-Pierre was heralded as Jen Psaki’s successor, intrepid tweeters with curious minds decided to do some research to see what kinds of things we expected from Joe Biden’s new press officer. After all, it’s not that the White House is really interested in controlling incoming members of the current administration, is it?

Well, flipping through Jean-Pierre’s Twitter story, those intrepid tweeters with curious minds made a very interesting discovery: Karine Jean-Pierre is an electoral truthful. For multiple elections (which the Democrats lost, of course). A repeated offer! We were as shocked as you were to learn this (read: we weren’t shocked in the slightest).

Well, things like this are pretty much the Bat Signal for bone collector Drew Holden, so it’s only natural that he would want to get him into action. And so he did. And he brought some bonus material with him.

Karine Jean-Pierre is in a very, very illustrious company. There is Jen Psaki, of course:

And Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm!

Why didn’t the media question you about this? Or by questioning Ron Klain?

How about Marcia Fudge?

And no list of Biden CEO’s conspiracy theorists would be complete without the same Vice President, Kamala Harris:

Evidently Pete Buttigieg thought he could simply escape the label of electoral truth:

Deb Haaland didn’t really bother trying to sound eloquent:

Joe Biden’s closet is full of tinfoil hats.

Karine Jean-Pierre will fit in perfectly with Joe Biden’s administration.

Selective indignation is their favorite type of indignation.

Well, we’ll keep talking about it. And if Drew Holden wants to keep talking about it, we’re all in favor.

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