Eagles Fans React To The Team’s New Logo

(Photo by Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)


The Philadelphia Eagles are one of the NFL’s most historic franchises.

That means they have been around for a long time and have also undergone many changes to their logo.

Yet the latest one is drawing plenty of hilarious reaction on social media.

A leak appeared Thursday afternoon showing the following change.

The goal here is to be more modern, but it almost looks like regular type with extremely minor changes added.

That has led to some great reactions from fans who can’t understand the decision.

The beauty of social media is that just about any decision can be roasted to a hilarious degree.

This new logo is no different.


Reactions Pour In For The New Eagles Logo

The confusion here comes from the fact the prior wordmark seemed more intricate and more of what a logo should be.

This new one, while more modern, is not exactly a thrilling change.

If anything, as fans online are noting, it looks like it was done rather quickly and without too much thought.

They may have even copied the Los Angeles Chargers, according to one fan.

Is this logo the biggest deal in the world?

No, but it is fair to point out that teams must design creative materials in order to sell merchandise and have fans wanting what they have to sell.

With the Eagles, fans may just proudly wear the stuff they already have.

This is a comical storyline surrounding an Eagles team that has plenty to be excited about for the 2022 season.

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