Elections 2022: young people launch the new joke Save the Planet Party for under 18s

A group of teenagers – some not yet old enough to vote – have launched their own ironic political party.

A group of teenagers launched an ironic “political party” with a demand that the future prime minister do more on climate change and introduce minimum standards for consulting young people on environmental policies.

Backed by the charity Save the Children, the new Save the Planet Party – which is not a registered or actual party – will go live on Thursday and will aim to give young people not yet old enough to vote a platform to get their hearts heard and noticed. their opinions.

Aimee Griffiths, 18, is part of the eight-person team behind the plan, which includes teenagers as young as 15.

The Canberra college student said he had no political association, but many of them were still heavily involved in the School Strike 4 Climate movement.

“So many young people and so many Australians are taking to the streets and protesting and they want to have some level of contribution and we want our concerns about climate change to be heard and addressed,” Ms. Griffiths said.

“The Save the Planet Party concept is a way to amplify the empowerment of young people and get involved in politics when we are so often ignored.

“Our message to any Australian government is that we call for action on climate change, our future is on fire.”

The group’s policy requires the next government to implement minimum standards for consulting young people on climate change policy and legislation.

He also wants the federal government to create a youth ambassador for the environment so that he can represent the interests of young people in international discussions.

They also ask the next government to ratify the Third Optional Protocol to the Convention on the Rights of the Child, which allows children to file direct complaints to the United Nations.

Another demand is more investment in programs for youth participation in disaster preparedness.

The group has already written to all major political parties and a number of independent candidates, inviting them to engage in these measures.

Save the Children CEO Mat Tinkler said that although young people cannot vote yet, they should still have a say in what is important to them.

“The climate crisis is proving highly destructive, dangerous and disruptive to children and young people who know it is only expected to get worse without urgent action,” he said.

“Children are our future. Every day we fail to act, we let them down and risk their future.

“Save the Children is proud to support young people and their participation in our political process. Our democracy is stronger for this “.

Originally published as Elections 2022: young people launch the new joke Save the Planet Party for under 18s

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